How double block inc works?

4.16% Hourly Profit | Auto Payouts

How double block inc works?


We use a custom high-frequency trading algorithm. Because of the bitcoin price is constantly changing, our platform will automatically buy and sell thousands of Bitcoins (satoshi’s) every minute.

Steps To Earn 4.16% Hourly :

First Step: Choose the amount to invest and provide a bitcoin address to receive earned profit.
Second Step: Deposit any amount (min 0.0001 BTC / max 50 BTC) to the uniquely generated deposit address.
Third Step: Now wait for the deposit to show up on the homepage when the deposit transaction receives 1 confirmations and start receiving 4.16% profit every 60 Minutes

Once 24 Hours Complete Your Initial Deposit + 100% Profit is Automatically Sent To Your Bitcoins Wallet.